Lonely Pizza (Mark Strelow and Luo Yi Tan)

This is the prototype for our analog game. It uses two slide potentiometers. One controls the character’s hand, and the other controls the temperature of the pizza. The hotter the pizza, the quicker you can eat, but the more likely you are to get burned. If you move your hand away too quickly, he will drop the pizza, so you need to be careful.

This game is about a man that never leaves his home, but has a crush on the woman who delivers his pizza. Seeing her increases his motivation, so you want to finish the pizza as fast as possible to be able to order another pizza and see her again. If you take too long, however, his motivation decreases. The goal is to increase his motivation so that he eventually talks to her.

In the current prototype, only the pizza-eating gameplay is shown. The story elements of the game would be implemented through small cutscenes, after each pizza is finished.

Link to the Processing and Arduino code:


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