50 Game Ideas – MacKenzie Bates

My 50 game ideas! Let me know which ones are you favorite! 🙂

  1. It is pre-Hurricane Katrina. The storm is approaching. You must use politicians to create a human wall to help seal the levy and save New Orleans from reality.
  2. A mobile app where you blow into a breathalyzer and you can only send texts if you are drunk. The game part of it is trivia based where you have to correctly remember when and to who you sent the text.
  3. A permadeath MMO RPG which is a game of musical chairs. Players must find chairs hidden in-game and sit in them.
  4. A game about self restraint and obesity. The input device is a slice of pizza.
  5. A puzzle game where color is over-used to the point that a player has an extreme advantage if they are color-blind.
  6. A game about dreams and nightmares. It only allows the user to play between 3-6AM.
  7. A mobile resource gathering game. Where the amount of resources you gather determines how long you get to use your phone the next day.
  8. Phone Olympics. Compete against your friends in high jump (throwing your phone the highest), sprinting (sliding your phone the fastest) & gymnastics (making your phone flip and spin the most)
  9. An online multiplayer gambling game where you bet your passwords to social networks, email services & banking accounts.
  10. At the start of the game you must give your cell phone number. The game is about being a horrible. The worse you are the more your phone number is posted online.
  11. A game set in a war zone after the battle. You must clean up and repair the destroyed city. As you are doing so you see ghosts and see what the dead soldiers and civilians lives use to be.
  12. An artsy adventure game which is largely based on light and shadows. The game is connected to a complex light system that adjusts depending on what is happening in game.
  13. A game about “the walk of shame”. After you complete the walk, a tweet from your account is sent that says how ashamed you are of what you did last night. Thus making it seem real to others.
  14. A GTA V mod where every time the player kills someone in game a small donation is made to community charities in the LA area.
  15. It is a music game where the top players’ music is streamed live online.
  16. It is a word arrangement game. You get more points for making sentences that sound uneducated and purposely offensive. After the time runs out the sentences you are made are rapped to you by the computer.
  17. A game about peeing. Control the speed, aim and either you put up the seat as you attempt to pee as quickly as possible. Misaim or hit the seat and you will lose points for angering your girlfriend.
  18. A heartbeat sensor is attached to you. You must keep your heartbeat high enough, but you must also move your character around a dangerous cliff side which requires precision.
  19. You are a college student who is working to pay for school. Manage your schedule and bank account to avoid being kicked out of school for late payments.
  20. A game where your character is super far from a bathroom and must run to it in time. If you fail, your crotch is squirted with water.
  21. A COD mod where every time you die in-game a small donation is made to an American Veterans charity.
  22. A bar simulator game where you must make your bar as “hip” as possible to stay open. Do things like remove your sign or serve only gin in mason jars.
  23. As a wannabe fratstar you must prove your worthiness in this rush/hazing simulator
  24. It is London in WWII. You must run around the city as a courier while avoiding air raids. If you are killed your phone is text bombed.
  25. A game about ponzi schemes & deception. The game harvests bit coins on users’ computers as they play the game. I keep the bit coins.
  26. You are city’s traffic control system. Correctly time street lights to cause the biggest car crashes possible.
  27. You are a US military drone. You must drop bombs to kill terrorists. For each person killed in-game, you are texted a name of an innocent person killed by a drone attack.
  28. A Facebook game where you are an assassin. You are given objectives to eliminate friends. After you complete the task in-game you are unfriended in Facebook.
  29. A mobile game that monitors what other games you play and questions why you are playing them and if you like them more. It will complain that you don’t spend enough time playing it.
  30. You are given an objective and to accomplish it you must hurt and wrong innocent people in game. Once you have completed the objective, everyone you wronged finds, tortures and sets you on fire. The end screen reads “You Lose.”
  31. You are a sprinter. You move your character by making a Barbie doll look like it is running. Think QWOP.
  32. A game where you are an insomniac sheep herder because one of your sheep refuses to be counted. Go around punching sheep.
  33. NPCs in-game insult the user the longer they play the game in a single day. The user can pay a small amount each day for the NPCs to be nicer to them.
  34. A mobile pedometer game where your in-game character levels up and earns more rewards when you walk less.
  35. Call of Duty mod where every time the player is shot in-game they are shot by an air-soft gun in real life.
  36. A fighter game where to attack an enemy you must punch a cute stuffed animal.
  37. A simple one button runner game where if you fall the chair you are sitting in falls backwards as do you.
  38. As the big bad wolf, you run around building down buildings by blowing them down. Input device is user blowing.
  39. A horse racing game where you make your horse run by clapping coconut halves together.
  40. You are a starving photographer. You earn more money for taking more artsy and abstract photos.
  41. A game about making decisions. For each decision made a pill is dispensed. The pills range from sugar to pain killers to cyanide. You have to take the pill.
  42. The user opens the game. The top reads “Loading” and there is the spinning beach ball. This is actually the game. It is a maze/puzzle game.
  43. You are a buildings control system. The building is under-attack. You have limited backup resources. Reactivate select systems & lights to help security.
  44. It is after a major war battle that your side lost. You can selectively bring your dead soldiers back alive to fight and retake the territory.
  45. You are a club bouncer. You must manage the line of people trying to enter the club to keep correct male/female and hot/ugly ratios in the club. At the end of the game you try to get into the club but the manager says you are too ugly.
  46. As a college’s sole admission board member you must decided to accept or reject students based over their applications.
  47. You are dance beat. You must flow through people in a club and make them move as you want.
  48. Invaders are trying to attack your country. You are the plant bamboo. You must grow strategically to attack as a wall to protect your home land.
  49. As a computers firewall you must protect the computer from viruses and from hacking attempts from Anonymous.
  50. You are a banana. You must avoid hungry monkeys. The input device is a banana.

3rd Year Senior Computer Science and Art President of Game Creation Society Over the Summer of 2014, I worked for 343 Industries (Microsoft) on the Halo Channel and Halo 5: Guardians as a Software Engineering Intern in Kirkland, WA. Over the Summer of 2013, I worked on The Sims 4 as a Software Engineering Intern with a focus on Gameplay User-Interface features for Maxis (Electronic Arts) in Redwood Shores, CA.
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