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1. Try to illicit a kiss from an NPC face using pleading and seductive expressions.
2. You must invent an expression unique and charismatic enough to become your “trademark” (see Blue Steel in Zoolander).
3. You are shown the expressions of a famous figure (a leader, a terrorist, a murderer, an actor, etc.) culled from footage and must attempt to copy them in real-time, giving you new insight into them.
4. You are an infant and attempt to mimic the facial expressions of your parents.
5. You must convey a concept (a joke, an ideology, etc.) using only expressions. You can compare your attempts to others.
6. You must use outrageous expressions to simulate a werewolf (or other supernatural creature). You succeed if you scare the NPC children.
7. You move through phases of a date and must make appropriate facial expressions for each phase. Different gameplay for men and women.
8. You are a public figure and must maintain certain expressions on stage for extended periods.

9. You must simulate being dead in order to avoid the detection of a civilian-killing terrorist.
10. Your body is a landscape, move to influence the topography, ecosystems, and civilizations that live on your surface.
11. You simulate various animals’s movements with your body, like running on all fours or squirming on the ground.
12. Your avatar is constrained by chains, like Houdini, and their limbs are linked to nodes on your limbs/body. You must escape your bonds.
13. You adjust your posture according to the situation (a date, a meeting, a confrontation, etc.).
14. Simulate a dangerous activity with your body, like walking on the International Space Station.
15. You draw attention from the opposite gender. Accept or reject them using appropriate body language.
16. You control an old or ill character and must move your body according to the in-game limitations (see the grandma in The Graveyard).

17. You are being abused. Scream loud and long enough to draw a passerby’s attention.
18. Alternatively, you abuse others. Reinforce destructive habits via periodic insults. Tone, pitch, and volume matter.
19. Attempt to mimic a child’s voice in order to lure and kill other children.
20. Your voice is translated into a spectrograph, which becomes the landscape for another game (e.g. a tower defense, an adventure game, a weather manipulation game, etc.)
21. An intrigue/diplomacy game only using voices. Everyone can hear what everyone else is saying. You can “whisper” to certain people, but the command to whisper must first be spoken aloud.
22. Record sounds that then live in a virtual space, like animals. Their behavior and nature depends on the sound.
23. Mimic recordings of bird calls in order to attract them. Eventually, you must make the sounds without hearing the recording first.
24. Plead with a lover to forgive you. Pitch, volume, and tone at the appropriate timings matter.
25. Repeat a speech as it is being read to you. It might be hateful or intolerant in content, and gives you new perspective on it.

26. Hold touch sensors to hold someone down in-game. It might be ambiguous to the player whether this is a sexual, intimate, abusive, or violent action.
27. Slap touch sensors to hit someone in-game as punishment.
28. Touch a repulsive object to perform a sexual act in-game.
29. Manipulate a physical object that is representative of an in-game object, like the Katamari Damacy yoga ball. Touch spots on the physical object to affect the game world (like touching spots on a globe to congregate tribes of nomads in-game).
30. Touch sensors on your body to cut or mutilate yourself in-game.
31. Knead an amorphous object to masturbate in-game.

32. Give a man a handjob via gestures. The better you perform, the more money you earn.
33. You are an exorcist. Pull upwards to pull the devil out of its host.
34. Create stars by sweeping together cosmic matter with your hands and forming a chemical reaction.
35. You are a professional video game player and must simulate the hand gestures they make during a match.
36. Introduce precise control and creativity into a normally rote activity in games, like digging or crafting.
37. Control puppets using your hands, and play out various ordinary and absurd domestic situations using them as characters.
38. You are a preacher and must use gestures to emphasize your points.
39. Employ powerful hand gestures while making speeches as a political leader. The intensity and tone of your gestures must fit various situations.
40. Use hand gestures to control the eye movement of your in-game character (each hand is mapped to one eye). Vision plays an important role, like with the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who.
41. Attempt to kill yourself (you control a knife with your hands). If you don’t slice quickly and cleanly enough, you’ll die excruciatingly.

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42. You are Phil Fish. Perform actions and the game updates a Twitter account with an exaggerated version of what you did.
43. Create a character and the game dispenses condiments onto your meal depending on the weight and suspected dietary habits of your custom character.
44. Perform terrorist attacks. Your only feedback is auditory news reports that describe the results of your actions.
45. You are a slave. Perform routines correctly or the game shocks you. Alternately, it tightens a leash around your neck.
46. Perform actions and the game outputs programming code indicating what changes you’ve made, and you must understand it in order to understand how to proceed.
47. A game that subscribes you to a random magazine or newsletter whenever you press a button.

48. You wake up in a hospital after failing to commit suicide. You must handle questions from family and friends while remaining sane and piecing your psyche together.
49. Assemble a league of woman pioneers, such as Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Gertrude Stein, and Virginia Woolf.
50. You are a public advocate for a cult posing as a transformative rehab center. You must attract, isolate, indoctrinate, and enslave addicts who seek your help.

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