So my idea was to make a game about controlling the three heads of Cerberus. To elaborate for those who aren’t familiar, Cerberus is a fearsome three-headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the entrance to the Underworld.

There are two ways I was thinking of to go about this: Having 3 players control a head each, or having one player control all three heads.

3 Players:

Each player uses a controller(Plain old game controller or possibly Wiimote) to control the movement of the heads, and to bite and bark at the pitiful residents of the Underworld to keep morale down. The goal will be to keep watch over the entrance of the Underworld and eat any living people trying to rescue their loved ones from an accursed existence. The heads work mostly independently, but some tasks will require multiple players to work together.

I also thought about alternative interfaces like the Leap motion or the Kinect, but I’m not sure if it’s feasible with 3 players.

1 Player:

Use three(or more) buttons to control each of the heads. I imagine it to be a Papers, Please kind of thing were you have to let only dead people through into the underworld, and eat the live ones. You would also have to deal with the occasional escapee (Who can blame them? Shit sucks when it’s always 1000 degrees inside). The difficulty would come from managing all three heads at once, and keeping Hades happy at the end of the day. I also want there to be a boss fight with Hercules at some point.

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