Authors Luo Yi Tan and Ashley Baron-Moore

Control Cerberus, the three headed guard dog of the underworld, and prevent the residents from escaping while keeping the living from sneaking in. Use your arms to control the left and right heads, and use them to pick up the unwanted escapees and people sneaking in to feed them to the middle head. You can also control the middle head by tilting your own head left and right.

It’s Kinect-controlled, so you obviously need a kinect to run it. You also need the SimpleOpenNI library, which you can download here .

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac build, but here’s a windows build with a readme: Build

Source code:  Source

Cerberus Game

by Luo and Ashley

So you play as Cerberus, the three headed dog that guards the underworld. Prevent spirits from escaping and prevent the living from sneaking in. You’re not allowed to eat spirits, but you’re allowed to eat the living.

It will have kinect controls, with one person puppeteering the three heads. It will be in 2D for ease of animation/art.


Nov 11: Get Processing + Kinect movement working, with basic shapes to represent heads

Nov 18: Get enemies working, work out Cerberus art

Nov 25: Work out bugs and balance, enemy art

Dec 1: Finalize Art, polish.


Luo Yi Tan: Embodiment – Face

So for face, I have two ideas:


You have to put on a mask for different situations, and maintain that expression on the mask for a period of time. For example, you have to maintain a smiling expression while you’re working at a cashier, or you have to maintain a sad expression during the funeral of someone you never liked very much.

Face runner

Your nose is running and the rest of your face has to to catch it. Use eyebrows and mouth to control two different things. eyebrows to make your character jump, and keep smiling to make your character run.

Luo Yi Tan: Embodiment – Voice

Siren Call

Use the pitch of your voice to attract seafarers to their doom. Have to start off low so they don’t notice you, and slowly get higher as they come closer. Let out a loud scream  once they’re close enough to disarm them and then consume them.

Luo Yi Tan: Embodiment – Body

Two ideas:

A Leaf in the Wind

Use your body to control the wind, blow a leaf to a place. The middle of a pond, on top of someone’s head, onto another pile of leaves. Kinect controlled. Something like Flower but with your body as a control.


Use your body to control tides/waves. Help rescue people that stray too far out, or drown them. Wash up broken bottles and see who finds them. Help a beached whale or let it die.

I could also work on my Cerberus game.



So my idea was to make a game about controlling the three heads of Cerberus. To elaborate for those who aren’t familiar, Cerberus is a fearsome three-headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the entrance to the Underworld.

There are two ways I was thinking of to go about this: Having 3 players control a head each, or having one player control all three heads.

3 Players:

Each player uses a controller(Plain old game controller or possibly Wiimote) to control the movement of the heads, and to bite and bark at the pitiful residents of the Underworld to keep morale down. The goal will be to keep watch over the entrance of the Underworld and eat any living people trying to rescue their loved ones from an accursed existence. The heads work mostly independently, but some tasks will require multiple players to work together.

I also thought about alternative interfaces like the Leap motion or the Kinect, but I’m not sure if it’s feasible with 3 players.

1 Player:

Use three(or more) buttons to control each of the heads. I imagine it to be a Papers, Please kind of thing were you have to let only dead people through into the underworld, and eat the live ones. You would also have to deal with the occasional escapee (Who can blame them? Shit sucks when it’s always 1000 degrees inside). The difficulty would come from managing all three heads at once, and keeping Hades happy at the end of the day. I also want there to be a boss fight with Hercules at some point.


So the idea behind this project was to have endangered animals fall down onto earth, and holding down the spacebar would expand the earth to allow you to catch the animals. The idea is to avoid the “not cute” animals.

Now not broken!

Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ygjkm58oxni5jlt/Endangered.zip

We also made another prototype based on the suggestions we received in class. Here you hold down the button to either expand or shrink the circles(planets). The goal is to avoid letting the projectile crash into the circles.

Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozuzkgovjuz3zs8/Space.zip

The idea is that the planets themselves have a gravitational pull, so there would be a challenge to balance shrinking and expanding the planets. We haven’t implemented the gravity yet, so all you can do right now it expand and contract the planets.


Breakout – Cubing Breakout

Here’s my breaking breakout assignment. I made a cube that has the game screen on all six sides, and changed the way the bricks are arranged and the number of balls, which makes for an interesting visual experience. You can also interact with the cube by using the mouse.

Download it here. The Mac application is in the application.macosx folder



City of Play Report – Luo Yi Tan

I attended the City of Play event on Saturday from 4 – 8pm, during the social games session. It was interesting to see all the different types of games being played, but the game that interested me the most was Witness Protection Program.

The game is sort of a Werewolf/Hide and Seek hybrid meant for 5-25 people, where each person have different goals depending on what character they are. Before the game starts,  we are dealt cards that determine our role. You cannot reveal your role to another person unless you have a specific ability that lets you do so. It is best played in huge space with lots of good hiding spots, like a park, because being able to hide well is a pretty major part of the game. There are three main groups in the game: Townspeople, murderers and law enforcers. The main character is the witness, which must be kept hidden in order for the townspeople and law enforcers to win. When game begins, the law enforcers will get together in a group and decide where to hide the witness, while the townspeople were led away to wait until the witness is hidden.


If you’re a townsperson: Find the witness and hide with him

If you’re the murderer: Murder the witness.

If you’re a law enforcer: Protect the witness

There are a few conditions for the game to end:

If 1/3rds of the townspeople manage to find and hide with the witness, or if the time limit(10 minutes or so depending on how many people are playing) runs out, then the townspeople and law enforcers win.

If the witness get killed by a murderer, the murderer wins.

There were about 30 people playing in my game, and we played it in a park somewhere in town. I wasn’t in a very exciting role even though I was part of the law enforcers, I was a dependent, which meant that my so called special ability was if I ever ended up alone I die. I wasn’t really sure what “alone” specifically meant, did it mean I should keep like least 5 feet from somebody else? I just ended up sticking to anybody that walked past me, which probably looked a little silly to them.

So as the law enforcers, we split our group into half, one half would hide the witness, and the other half would pretend to be hiding the witness somewhere else.

Some interesting things that happened during the game were:

One character, called the Kamikaze, had the ability to kill somebody else and himself by hugging them. He used this to kill the Traitor, and the Doctor(who had the ability to heal people) revived both of them. The Traitor had the ability to kill people who revealed their identity to him, and so used this to kill the doctor. The witness himself hid pretty well, one person one townperson managed to find and hide with him, he still got found by a murderer in the end.

It was pretty funny watching everyone trying to roleplay, staring at each other suspiciously and trying to look innocent, although we fumbled through it a bit because the rules weren’t made very clear in the beginning. It could be a pretty fun game for older kids if the rules were refined more.