1. Voice input game: You’re stuck in a place with a bunch of monsters. The monsters make noises to communicate with each other, and you have to imitate the noises of the monsters around you (loudness and pitch recognition) so you aren’t eaten. However, there are different monsters around, and so you have to change your imitation to fit what monsters are around you (maybe you can move on your own too). Also, if you are with a group of A monsters and there is a group of B monsters trying to eat the A monsters, you have to switch your imitation from monster A to monster B so that you fit in with the more powerful monster.

2. Face input game: Maybe the idea I had where if you close you’re eyes the game gives more aural information. You’re looking for something in the game, and the target may make a small noise but if you close your eyes it would be easier to hear it. Obviously you need to open your eyes to navigate through the game. Other scenarios: you’re hiding from something approaching; you’re at a cocktail party and someone is calling your name; you are deactivating mines and you need to listen carefully to make sure you deactivate it properly; countless other possibilities.

3. Body input game: A non-visual game where you try to find a target in the space around you; sound can indicate how close you are to the target. Story: ghost dating simulator, you are going on a date with your ghost partner and there are various things you want to do with your lover (hold hands, kiss, get third base). However, you can’t see the ghost so you have to be careful not to touch inappropriate places!!!!!!!!!! Can substitute imaginary friend from second grade with ghost.

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