City of Play Report

(Meant to be posted earlier, but since my login wouldn’t work..)


I went to the City of Play during the hours when the Social Games were active and played every game available there (Weenis Wars, Bottleneck, Stealth and Searchlight). My favorite was definitely Stealth, with Searchlight coming in at a close second.


Stealth utilized the Playstation Move and 4 Move controllers to create a simple game of tag. When the lights on the Move controller came on, you couldn’t move. The light colors had different indications: Yellow was safe, Blue was kill, and Red was out. When the lights went out, you had to move slowly to tag the person with the blue light before the lights came on again. If you got tagged or moved to quickly, your Move controller would turn red and you were out of that round. In a couple rounds that I played, the game glitched and started out one of the controllers as out every turn.


Though the concept was relatively simple, people tended to move when they weren’t supposed to. Sometimes this resulted in them getting themselves out. Otherwise, and it was good practice in seeing if you could keep yourself from jerking to tag someone or jerking your Move controller away.





As a whole, I was pretty impressed at how relatively simple the (Social) games were. They were super fun and entertaining with a distinct lack of any sort of complexity.