Heather + Zhen Final

Reworking of the “bubble” game, in which the physical properties of the bubble are manipulated by kinect gesture. Use arm movements to control the size of the bubble to navigate a tunnel-like scrolling level. Fit through spaces, avoid obstacles to progress.


-By Wednesday:
-Samples of aesthetics/colors/styles
-finish control part (partially)
-Finalize appearance/level design
-finalize mechanics choices
-Finish character appearance/behavior
-start working on building levels/environment
-Finish Levels/ UI in general (including designing what these look like
-Combine elements together to begin polishing
-Sound /Polish more


Face: Contort your face to avoid being recognized by people you wish to avoid, but pleasantly smile at people you want to remember you (presented with enemies/friends in rapid succession, so that you must react quickly (alternatively, make faces/track eye movement to be the most convincing liar)

Body: 2 player cooperative game to escape a monster, the monster is attracted by movement. strategically plan movements to advance but not draw attention. also strategically move to divert attention if your partner is in danger