Flatland Perils: Part 2

Still buggy! Got some new stuff for ya, though. New features!

  • the ability to switch between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions with a switch
  • enemies
  • some walls don’t exist in some dimensions

In development by: Shine and Marlena

I like making interactive things. Sometimes these things are also games.
  1. You mentioned “some walls don’t exist in some dimensions” — made me think about Super Paper Mario (http://youtu.be/A_K39uBYqyg?t=1m57s). I’m not going to have a debate about whether SPM sucked or not, but the mechanic seems similar to what you guys are doing (going between 2D and 3D).

  2. I think this concept is interesting, and I like the idea of the gradient showing you where the goal is. I think that’s a good use of the environment to show the player where to go, rather than just telling them with an arrow or something like that. In that vein, having the gradient and color be important to the theme of the game in some way seems like a good idea.

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