Rollin like a baws
  1. As discussed in class, you should have instructions/tutorials for each level, since the objective and logic changes each time. Also think about conceptual themes–we’ve discussed earlier how the game can be about trying to poop on your roommate’s face (I don’t know who your roommate is, no offense).

  2. I like the variance of the levels, and I think you managed to do a lot with a simple mechanic. I agree that explaining how to play each level would be nice. The holding down to spin the other direction is a good idea, but it feels a little bit strange for some reason. Maybe if the ball spun the same speed in both directions, or if holding down sped you up but didn’t change direction? Just some thoughts!

  3. This seems like the kind of game that wants silly sound effects. It’s already fun and kooky. Add more kookiness!

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