One Button Game: Boreas and Zephyrus

Boreas and Zephyrus is a one button game about two dueling wind gods.  Boreas, god of the frozen northern wind, attempts to steer a drifting boat to his icy isle.  His brother Zephyrus, god of the warm western wind, attempts to steer the boat towards a tropical paradise.  Each player assumes the role of a wind god and attempts to create eddies and currents to accomplish their goals and thwart their opponent.  Pressing their button launches their god across the screen, realistically affecting the fluid simulation in the center area.

Mac Prototype Demo
Windows 32bit

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  1. I think the visuals of this game work well with the theme, and it is fun to play. I think your comments regarding the limiting of the controls make sense. Maybe there could be multiple goals, or other obstacles to worry about, but overall I like the presentation.

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