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Aurora Breakout

I based my design off of the screen-saver from DVD players, where a colored square bounces and everyone always wants it to get in the corner of the screen.  Aurora Breakout is about planning bounces in the late game (bonuses are given for hitting multiple blocks in a row), while clicking lets you teleport the ball at the cost of points.  I modified a perlin noise smoke algorithm to create the glowing particle effects.

Windows 32bit Download

Windows 64bit Download 


Linux 32 and 64 available on request.


Breakout: joelBreaker

is hosted online, play it here!

Destroy Joel Simon in his own domain. In stunning THREE dimensions :0 ! Arrows to move.

(works best in chrome, for safari make sure to turn on webgl)

Written from scratch with webgl! Fork it here https://github.com/Sloth6/breakOutThreeJS.

loading might take a bit, will fix later.

<3 Joel