Final Proposal – John Brieger

Asteroid Dogfight Local Multiplayer Game:

I’m really interested in the split screen multitouch paradigm, and I think its a really fun way to game.  This game comes from the 50 game ideas jam.

I’m thinking of a dogfight game in the asteroids style kind of 360 degree movement with thrust.  Ships are very small relative to map size.  You can lay traps, fire bullets, maybe some sort of team type game.

Each play has a ship on their iDevice that they can control thrusters/boost/weapons on. a shared battlefield map is displayed on a projector/TV

Nov. 11: Basic Server/Client functionality, movement working

Nov. 13 bullets and collision

Nov. 18 Bonjour Service integration, autodection for player counts, connections, etc

Nov. 25 level design, and art

Dec. 1 Polish, make super easy to set up

Analog Game: Alex Lee and John Brieger


Theme: Micro
Sensor: Microphone

Our game is about micromanagement and the player assumes the role of a depressed/oppressed worker in a factory.  Our game has / will have (given that it isn’t done) entirely audio feedback/ story progression, as a voice directs you to follow a beat.  It will proceed as a simple pattern matching game up until the player decides to create a rhythm on their own.   At that point, the game becomes  branching narrative, in which the player can “break out” of their current environment by creating new beats and keeping them consistent.

We’ll edit/update this post as we make more progress.

One Button Game: Boreas and Zephyrus

Boreas and Zephyrus is a one button game about two dueling wind gods.  Boreas, god of the frozen northern wind, attempts to steer a drifting boat to his icy isle.  His brother Zephyrus, god of the warm western wind, attempts to steer the boat towards a tropical paradise.  Each player assumes the role of a wind god and attempts to create eddies and currents to accomplish their goals and thwart their opponent.  Pressing their button launches their god across the screen, realistically affecting the fluid simulation in the center area.

Mac Prototype Demo
Windows 32bit

Aurora Breakout

I based my design off of the screen-saver from DVD players, where a colored square bounces and everyone always wants it to get in the corner of the screen.  Aurora Breakout is about planning bounces in the late game (bonuses are given for hitting multiple blocks in a row), while clicking lets you teleport the ball at the cost of points.  I modified a perlin noise smoke algorithm to create the glowing particle effects.

Windows 32bit Download

Windows 64bit Download 


Linux 32 and 64 available on request.