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7 Micro Games – Annie Huang

  1. Diceventure (1) Find a dice and use it to guide your journey. If you throw an odd number then you need to turn left at the next juncture. If you throw a even number then turn right instead. You lose once you ends up at a place that you had already visited in this game.
  2. Healthy Eating (1) Eat one bite of meat item and then two bites of vegetables/fruit. You lose when you forget you are in a game.
  3. Mimic-U (1) Mimic a stranger’s movement. You lose if that person notices what you are doing.
  4. Blind Walk (1) Find an open field. Stand in the center of the field, close your eyes then walk carefully. You lose when you run into something.
  5. Appraisers (2+) First find a book. Then players will each pick a word that he/she thinks would appear most frequently in it. Now turn to a random page and count.
  6. Stair Climbers(2+) Find a set of stairs, go up 1 step at a time first, then 2, then 3 at a time. If you are not able to reach the next step with the current number of in-between steps then you lose.
  7. What’s Next (2+) Sing to a song playing in the background of a public space. Each player will alternate and sing one line each. The person that fails to correctly sing the next line loses.

7 Micro Games – Nitesh Sridhar

As the Crow Flies – (1+ Players) Next time you see a bird, follow it. Keep following it in exactly the direction it flies, over obstacles, roads, and bodies of water until it flies too far away from you. See how many birds it takes until you get lost.

Crit Talk – (4+ Players) Each person playing has 5 minutes to arrange things within the area they are in into some kind of “art piece” and think of a way to present it as a compelling work to a panel of judges. These judges are the people who aren’t presenting at the moment. The group collectively decides whose art is best based on how the judging sessions go. (The group can also decide on themes or categories for the pieces for more direction.)

Grotesquest – (2+ Players) Each player has to take turns saying the most unpleasant two-word phrase they can think of. If a player can not think of one worse than the previous player’s phrase, then that player is out. Last player remaining wins.

When One Door Opens – (1+ Players) Whenever a player is walking through a building they can only enter doors if someone is not holding the door open for them. Every time someone holds open a door for them, the player gets a point, provided they do not go through the door while the  person is holding it. (Alternative Scoring Method: more points are awarded based on how long nonplayers hold the door open for the player.)

CraigsListential – (3+ Players) Each person playing takes turns picking an immaterial object (emotion, feeling, theory) and pitching it as if it was a CriagsList “for sale” entry. The rest of the players then take turns bidding.

Jerk of all Trades – (2+ Players) Find someone who is an expert in some area. All players do their best to try to explain the expert’s subject of expertise in a patronizing and condescending way. Expert decides which player is most accurate to people in their field and assigns points/rankings accordingly. (Get multiple experts for a more interesting scoring breakdown!)

Spotlight – (3+ Players) One person starts the game by yelling “spotlight” and pretending to aim a camera at some location. Everyone playing has to pretend to be a spotlight directed at the location. The last person to spotlight has to pose for their picture in the middle. (Playing with a real camera is highly recommended!)

Will Smith playing Spotlight with Jada Pinkett
Will Smith playing Spotlight with Jada Pinkett


7 Micro Games — Aman Tiwari

  1. (≥1 players)
    imagine the walls of the room as an atlas. choose a great circle, and describe the climates, cultures, flora and fauna of the regions as you trace over it.
  2. (≥1 players)
    spin google maps, flip through an atlas at random, choose a place without looking. look at it, compete to find a thing (object, shape, stain) in the room that most closely matches the shape of the country (or state) (alt ruleset: choose a place without showing it to the others. the ‘chooser’ can point at objects in the room to get the others to guess the country chosen.)
  3. (≥2 players, must be cloudy)
    the game starts when a player declares it to start and another agrees with the declaration. it must be cloudy. the game lasts for the next 30 minutes (adjust based on skill). if the clouds clear within the next 30 minutes, the declarer wins.
  4. (≥3 players)
    a person says a word. on the count of 3, the others say a word after it (after defined lexicographically/as in the dictionary). the closest word wins. if two people say the same word they automatically lose, and if someone says a non-real word (and is found out) they also lose.
  5. (≥4 players)
    everyone is divided into 2 teams. they line up, alternating by team (beginning with team 1). then, leftmost person makes a statement about the scene in front of them. the information is passed left to right, by whispering from person to person. a player can change one word when re-transmitting the statement. the goal of team 1 is to have the end person say a statement with the same semantic meaning, and of team 2 to prevent that.
  6. (≥2 players)
    the ceiling is beautiful. race from an end of a room (with a beautiful ceiling) to the other, only looking at the ceiling
  7. (≥2 players, have to be in thrift/junk store)
    pictionary, but instead of drawing you can only use objects found in the thrift/junk store you are all in.

7 Micro Games – Andrew Chang

Trap Tiles –  1+ Players. In a space where there are tiles of multiple colors, pick one color. You cannot walk on tiles with that color until you leave the space.

Fetus Deletus- 1+ Players. Pick a safe grass hill. Curl up into a fetal position and roll down the hill. The player who rolls the furthest wins. Tiebreakers decided by whoever looks the most pitiful.

Where Did it Go – 2+ Players. Find a friend who is eating a finger food. Stealthily steal said finger food without friend noticing. Alternate win condition: steal the last fry.

I’m Waiting For Someone – 2+ Players. Each player gets on separate lines. Let people pass in front until you can’t anymore. Last person to complete their transaction wins.

Bear Fruit – 2+ Players. All players decide on a plant which bears fruit. Acquire and plant a seed of said plant. Whoever bears fruit first wins.

Tearful – 1+ Players. Watch a very good movie. Whoever cries the most wins.

Facade – 1+ Players. Convince someone that a certain fictional event happened. You lose when your facade is broken and you are exposed as a liar.


Xavier Apostol

Hello, it’s Xavier!


I’m a junior studying for a BFA in Electronic Time Based Media, a minor in Media Design, and a concentration in Film/Film Studies. Although I haven’t really done anything in game design before, I’m stoked to apply what I learn here towards interactive movie experiences (or something of that sort).

My website is undergoing heavy construction, as in I’m still building it, but will hopefully be up within the month @

Matthew Bofenkamp

Hello I am Matthew Bofenkamp
And this is my portfolio

This is what some (but not all) Matthew Bofenkamps look like

I am a senior getting a B.A. in Biological Sciences with a double minor in Game Design and Creative Writing. I’ve made about a dozen digital games in the past, each with some element that is rather unusual. I am also in the CMU improv comedy troupe, and starting next semester I will be teaching a StuCo on World Music, which is something I have a lot of knowledge and passion for. I look forward to making games with you!

Giada Sun

Hello, this is Giada.


my website, which has not been updated since late last year

I am a graduate student in video & media design from drama school. I studied lighting design and Asian art history at college in Taiwan, but commonly made money as a projection or graphic designer. I’m interested in finding new possibilities of interaction between audience and performers, bringing new technology to classic theater. I was working on some mo-cap and AR projects in the past few months.

Jake Bittner

Hi here’s me:


I’m a senior pursuing a B.S. in Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration. I’m interested in Web Design & Development and Data Science & Visualization. This year I also function as Stever House’s Community Advisor. This is all kind of intertwined into my passion for storytelling (telling stories through technology & prodding others to share their own). There’s so many ways to creatively express your story… the idea of encouraging users to take that creative journey themselves through games motivates me, a lot.

I’m that guy without a portfolio BUT here’s a link to the racing game I made for 15-112.

Nitesh Sridhar

Hey it’s Nitesh
website! in clickable link form!

soa profile pic

I’m a senior getting a B.A. in Architecture and a minor in Animation and Special Effects as well as one in Physical Computing. I’ve done some interactive installations in the past and am ready to bring that experience into the world of game design!

Caroline Hermans

Hi! I am Caroline

Here is my website

Here is a recognizable picture of me:



Factual things:

I’m a Senior studying Electrical & Computer Engineering and Art through a new Engineering BXA program. I was a software engineering intern at Apple and a UX design intern at Magic Leap and I actually have a small feature in the iOS 11 camera.

Emotional things:

I’m really really excited for this class and everyone is so cool and creative and I can’t wait to see what people come up with. I care a lot about creating things that view people in interesting ways, and I really like using humor. Can’t wait to get to know everyone!!!!